Workday Life Cycle Support

Already live with Workday HCM or Financials? Ready to achieve your strategic goals by expanding to new Financial functionalities? Whether you would like to expand your Procurement capabilities, use Expenses as an HCM only customer or create a brand new banking integration, our FIN-Path’s team can support you in continuously enhancing your Workday experience.

In addition to our Workday Implementation Services, FIN Path delivers a comprehensive service framework that, together with our other services, includes operational and maintenance support which can complement your internal Workday capabilities.

Our framework contract will give you flexibility in choosing the services you need when maintaining and improving your Workday system. It allows you to optimize and add additional services as needed.

With our Workday Life Cycle Support, we provide a wide choice of on-demand services allowing you flexibility in choosing the services you need to maintain and improve your Workday system.

Assignment of an HR Support Team

  • Fixed Support Coordinator
  • Experienced & Certified Support Consultants covering all Workday HCM & Financials Modules and Integrations
  • French & English speaking consultants
  • Near & Off Shore Support Center
  • Several possible models (Onsite Resources / Hybrid / Off site)

Scope of intervention depending on needs

  • Support End User
  • Functional & Corrective Maintenance (Tier 1 to Tier 3)
  • Scalable maintenance & implementation of new versions

Guaranteed Level of Services

  • Service Level Agreement
  • Guaranteed Response time
  • Governance & terms approved by HR Path and the client
  • Avaibility of our ticketing tool (JIRA)
  • Workday release information on the 2 annual Updates

Flexible Service agreement

  • Annual Support subscription renewable
  • Estimated amount of support hours per quarter
  • Quarterly adjustments absed on usage – option to optimize / extend current uses
  • Billing based on the actual or fixed fees Fixed Fee for setup, Administration, Reporting
  • Support Rate Card Applies

Our Support Synergy

Our Workday Life Cycle Services is based on the synergy between your organization, FIN Path and Workday to enable to optimal support your organization working with your Workday System.

  • Manuals & Quick reference guides
  • Communication
  • Decision Marketing
  • Rescinds / Correct
  • Process Support
  • Organization Changes
  • Data Integrity & Audit
  • Tier One
  • Tier One / Three Support
  • Advise
  • Training
  • Community with Workday
  • Product & Tenant support
  • Training
  • Workday Community
  • Customer Success

FIN Path provides support on all Workday Financials functional areas and integrations. Our consultants have significant experience in Workday configuration. They can support the evolutions required on your tenant and help you understand what is coming as part of releases to remain up to speed with Workday latest improvements.

We propose to leverage our hybrid model that uses onshore and offshore resources to enable a commitment manager to be in touch with the customer while overseeing the consultants performing the configuration. This allows us to offer a high-performance service at a competitive price. We adapt our offer to your needs (skills, time, etc …)

Our Differantiators

If you have not fully developed a strategy for transitioning to support mode or if you need help to build a support model or to be advised on best practices from the market. We can advise and help you build your own support model.


With our Workday Life Cycle Service we focus on all aspects of working with Workdaywithin your company.



Success follows the synergy between our companies having a foundation based on a strong partnership.


We provide our services optimized to your needs.



Our approach and flexibility enables us as partner to work on site.

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